Birth affirmations are an awesome way to help us prepare for a positive birth.

By writing, seeing, saying and hearing them (over and over again) we are helping to create encouraging new beliefs about having a baby.

Once we change our beliefs, we are then able to change our physiological responses to things like discomfort and stress.

So, here are 9 x really cool affirmation ideas:

1) BANNERS: I found these on Etsy and love them because you can customise them or buy them pre-written with affirmations already on them. They’re made lovingly by hand and very reasonably priced. Order HERE.


2) CARDS: These are birth affirmation cards (in a set of 10) are from the popular blog You can order HERE.Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.43.02 pm3) DIGITAL: Many people I know (myself included) like to make up digital affirmations on their phone. I create daily birth affirmations and post to Instagram HERE. Follow the Hypnobirthing Rocks account or make your own with different apps.


4) INSTA-MAGNETS: Did you know you can get your favourite instagram images made into magnets now? I ordered some through Sticky 9 the other week and I love them. Stick them on the fridge or at work. They’re about $16 for 9 x small magnets or a bit more for the larger ones. Very cute. You can order them HERE.

5) BATHROOM: Make your own birth affirmations on some card and stick them on your bathroom mirror like this gorgeous mama. Meggan from shares her journey and experience with affirmations and preparing for a home birth HERE.


6) FOR MY CLIENTS: I originally had these very simple and cute magnets made especially for families doing classes with me. However, everyone loved them so much I decided to sell them on my website. You can order them HEREthat’s my little boy hiding behind them 🙂



7) FABRIC: If you’re handy with a sewing machine or you love the idea of soft fabric affirmations look at these. These are beautifully handmade and infused with REIKI HEALING ENERGY. You can order them HERE.


8) PUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE: I think these are so beautiful and now with all the cool apps we have on our phones they are super easy. Simply take a photo of yourself or some scenery that your like and then add the text on top. Save these to your home screen on your phone, tablet device or computer so you see them everyday. You could also go one step further and print them out.


9) EASY PEASY: There is absolutely NO EXCUSE not to do birth affirmations. Even if none of the above ideas tickle your fancy – you could always just write out some plain ol’ post-it notes 🙂  


QUESTION TIME: Which idea is your favourite? … Or do you have any other great ideas you could add? Please comment below – I’d love to know.

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