Ryan Gosling just makes everything better … don’t you think?

I see these funny memes pop up around social media all the time, so I thought I’d gather a selection of pics that specifically relate to childbirth … plus I found some breastfeeding & parenting ones too.

Makes me not feel so weird about my parenting choices – LOL!

Plus … we all need to laugh about this stuff sometimes.

People can get so serious about parenting choices, but you have to admit that parenting is a pretty crazy ride … am I right!?!?

Anyway, enjoy Ryan … xx



Awww … what a sweety 😛


So, nice of him to say so, but I still don’t believe him 😉



Hang on … why would I need a body pillow when I have Ryan? 😛


He’s got all the good ideas!


I want to give birth again, just so Ryan can sing me my birth song!


Seriously, best advice ever!!! 🙂


Wow! He’s even the perfect TWIN birth partner!


He’s soooooo focused on the right things … listen to Ryan


Ummm … awkward!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.55.59 am

I made this one myself … you like? 😛


Haha! Anyone have a baby Noah or Ryan???


Ryan’s got your back!


Go, you nursing Goddess! <3


Yep, I’m gorgeous when I talk safety


Dad’s … didn’t you know baby wearing is totally cool?


So many baby carriers to choose form!



OK, admit it … who else is guilty of spending a little too much time on Pinterest? 😉

I hope you loved those Ryan “Hey Girl” memes as much as I did …

Have you see any other cool ones?

Please share this post with any pregnant or breastfeeding mamas to give them a laugh and have an awesome day!



Tracey Rose is a former radio journalist turned hypnobirthing teacher and online marketer. Her story of safe, natural & empowering hypnobirthing has inspired thousands of women around the world to get educated about labour and prepare for the birth of their dreams. Find out more about how to make hypnobirthing work for you here.

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