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Before I became a parent I had NOOOO idea how much it would change my life.

I mean, I knew it would change, but I had no idea how I would look at life from a completely different perspective.

It’s the most wonderful and challenging thing I’ve ever done.

Sometimes it’s downright crazy … and you just have to laugh.

Because life with kids is downright funny … you couldn’t make this stuff up … and I only have 2.

I can’t even imagine how what life would be like with 4 children!

Lucky comedian Jim Gaffigan gives us a sneak peak.

I think he might be right when he describes it like this:

“Imagine You’re Drowning and Someone Hands You a Baby”

And … I also love how he recounts his experience with homebirth … very funny!

He hits the nail on the head right?

But would you have it any other way? … I wouldn’t.

I love my little cherubs so much and my life is a more beautiful experience since they arrived.

Now I’d love to know the funniest thing you’ve experienced since becoming a parent.

Share below so we can all have a giggle 🙂



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